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Common Sense Gun Reform
The sound of gunshots at night has become too familiar to residents of the city of St. Louis. I support common sense gun reforms. I have worked in Jefferson City with Legislators to introduce bills to give St. Louis the tools we need to be safe and to encourage responsible gun ownership.
Standing for Reproductive Justice
Bodily autonomy is the cornerstone of a free society. I support everyone’s right to make decisions about our sexual and reproductive health- including the right to abortion, without condition or delay. I support the proposed amendment to the Missouri Constitution that would enshrine these rights.
Protecting the Initiative Petition Process
The Missouri Legislature is broken. The current majority is simply unable to pass even broadly popular measures. We must protect the IP process, so that citizens have a voice in our government.
Supporting Excellent Public Schools
Every young person in Missouri should be able to attend a world class neighborhood school. Tragically Missouri consistently ranks at the bottom of states in teacher pay. I reject privatization schemes that seek to take dollars from our public schools and will fight for needed investments.
Workers Rights
As a former labor union member, I will always stand against attacks on working people. I oppose so-called Right to Work laws and will advocate for Missouri workers.
Racial Justice
It has been nearly a decade since the murder of Michael Brown and the subsequent Ferguson uprising, and yet very little in our region has changed. We must dismantle systematic racism in ourselves and in our state.
LGBTQ+ Rights
I support the rights of every Missourian to live free from discrimination based on their gender identity or sexual orientation. As a Legislative Assistant in the Missouri House, I have worked with legislators to prepare floor remarks and strategize around on how to defeat some of the worst attacks, particularly against trans people.
In the State Capitol, I work closely with the Missouri Sierra Club to monitor legislation that will harm our environment. Climate change is real. Addressing it, at all levels of government, is one of the most urgent challenges we face today.

On the  Issues

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